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Liron Peled


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The Electric Doumbek

The doumbek (AKA Darbuka), a traditional Middle Eastern hand drum running through effect pedals gives you THE ELECTRIC DOUMBEK

Check out the electric doumbek used in a song by Cannibal Animal Machine and stay tuned for the full album!

See to the right for the official Electric Doumbek showcase video

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The Dümset

The Dümset is a revolutionary setup developed by Liron Peled, consisting of a variety of Middle-Eastern hand drums, some played traditionally and some modified to be used with foot pedals, all played together with hand cymbals. The Dümset enables the player to sound like an entire percussion section, or like a western drum set and to play western and Middle-Eastern rhythms back to back seamlessly.

After touring and recording worldwide on both drum set and doumbek (Middle-Eastern hand drum), Liron recently made an Instructional DVD to reveal his secrets on how to merge the two styles beautifully. The Dümset is available to purchase on the Dumset Online Store.

See videos below for some samples of Dümset performance.

The Dumset

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The Sazythar

The Sazythar presents Liron's softer and more melodic side. Again, wanting to combine his love of western sounding music with more eastern sound, he combined the sonic timbre of his 3 favorite string instruments - the Turkish Saz, the Indian Sitar and the Guitar.

The Sazythar has the body of an acoustic 12-string guitar, restrung with 3 sets of strings - each set mimics the sound of the Saz, Sitar and Guitar. The Saz set is very percussive and mid tone, the Sitar set is twangy, "buzzy" and goes high in range while the Guitar set focuses on the low end, with a range reaching lower than a guitar, to sound like an acoustic bass.


The Sazythar

Liron Peled - Instruments - menu

Tuvan Throat Singing (Khoomei)

In the last few years, Liron was drawn to this singing style from the land of Tuva (Southern Siberia, just North of Mongolia) that allows the singer to create sounds such as a didjeridoo, synthesizer, piercing whistles and more, using complex techniques in the throat and mouth. He is currently working on a complete instructional DVD. 

See videos below for some Throat Singing performance

Throat Singing (Khoomei)